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We are pleased to offer a selection of products

Frp P-34 Storage general purpose  box

The Frp P-34 is also available in a variety of colors

This well built strong and durable fiberglass box has unlimited uses around the house or the cottage. This box comes equipped with a stainless steel chain and fiberglass arm, which is meant for holding the lid in place allowing you the use of both hands with ease and convenience. It also comes with an optional locking system.

Dimesions are (34"Wx 22"x 28"H)

Frp P-50 Storage box

Dimensions Are (50"Wx22"x28" H)

The Frp P-50 is also available in a variety of colors.

Frp P-50 DS Fuse Storage

This fiberglass product was designed for utility companies. This containers sole purpose is for storing spare fuses at transformer stations for a quick and effective way to restore power to the community during a black out. The container comes with a rack mounted on the back wall so it can safely store  up to four fuses in each box. It also has plenty of room inside, should you feel the need to have additional supplies on hand. 

Salt & Sand Box

This light weight and durable salt and sand box was designed for quick and easy access in mind. The lid design allows you to flip the lid all the way back for full access to your salt and sand. This prevents the lid from getting in the way . This box is excellent for the work place or even around the house, With it's fiberglass design it is a very durable and long lasting product, which will provide you with many years of use. 

Dock Box

Our Dock Boxes are perfect for the cottage. The fibreglass construction ensures that they will stand up to the most extream weather conditions year after year, while storing all your cottage and boating supplies.